About us

‘Het Kaasmerk’ is founded in 1920 because the organization (the ‘Rijkszuivelstation’) that produced the cheesemarks at the time was not equipped for mass production. The Dutch Government stipulated that all cheese made after 1 February 1920 had to have a national mark to be eligible for export. That led to a big jump in demand. In its first year ‘Het Kaasmerk’ produced over 15 million marks.

‘Matec’ was originally founded in 1989 by passionate people to make cheesemarks for the PDO consortia. Since then, the family company has become a world player in the field of glycerol-based cheesemarks.

In 2009, the two organizations joined forces to form a stronghold of knowledge and skills where some 40 employees work with great enthusiasm to protect your mark to the optimum. All the knowledge and resources to further improve your and our production processes are conceived and developed in house.

This makes Kaasmerk Matec unique in its kind worldwide. A first-rate technological knowledge partner fully committed to do justice to the craftsmanship, the passion and the energy with which our clients produce their cheeses every day.