Protect your investment

Cheese making requires more than a good recipe, high quality raw materials, an optimal process and a good dose of solid professionalism. As a producer, you add all of your passion and energy to the process to make your cheeses rightfully carry the brand name you have invested so much in. The cheesemark helps to protect this investment – and to market your cheese effectively.

‘The Appenzeller cheesemark is a real work of art, in which all our knowledge and innovative qualities come together. Great benefit of the design is that, even after the cheese is cut, the origin remains clear.’

Identity offers security

Clarity on the composition and origin of each individual cheese may literally be a matter of life and death. But above all, the cheesemark offers a manufacturer protection - and the consumer the certainty of actually buying the quality cheese that he or she expects to get.

Protection of your brand or geographic indication

Counterfeiting and abuse of the name in which you have invested so much, is a worldwide problem that may have big consequences for the reputation and quality perception of your product. Clarity on the origin and recipe makes for a good price and a fair competitive position. In all this, the cheesemark is an indispensable link.


Brands are beacons for consumers in a diverse supply. The cheesemark certifies that your customers get the composition, taste and quality they count on. They provide certainty on the original recipe – and of the passion and craftsmanship that comes with it.



With the unique code on the cheesemark cheeses can be traced in every stage of the production and distribution process. Is the cheese not up to standard or inadvertently contaminated with microorganisms? Thanks to the code you can accurately identify the lots it concerns, which helps to contain potential damage to a minimum.

A selection of our clients

‘With the unique codes on the cheesemarks we can optimize our quality control process, which results in immediate efficiency gain.

Henk Mul, Cono Kaasmakers, Middenbeemster, The Netherlands

Quality Control

You can read the code during the entire manufacturing process and measure the cheese in shape, size and surface quality, or sample it on fat and water content. Linking the code to the measured data, you can adjust the quality of cheese within the given specifications.

Process Optimization

The unique code on the cheesemark allows you to measure, track and adjust the size, weight, water content, salt content and appearance of the cheese during the production process.